Woman sticks money to rubbish around the house to see who does housework

Must See 11/02/2020

In an effort to see which members of her family were helping out around the house, this Australian mum has pulled one over on them!

The mum stuck cash to bits of rubbish around the house along with a 'finders keepers' note. After 6 days, all of the money was untouched.

"Needing something to inspire kids and husbands to tidy up around the house? Clearly this game hasn’t worked here yet, maybe one day." the mum wrote on Facebook.

"For now, I’ll keep upping the prize money, knowing it’s coming back."

The post quickly went viral and others chimed in with their views.

"My kids would probably pick it up, take out the money, throw it back on the floor and forget about the entire purpose." one wrote.

"The rolls would start to decompose in my house – no one would pick them up even if it saved their life," added another.

This could be a great wee experiment to run in your house!