Woman shares genius peg hack to make your car smell amazing all the time

Eco 24/02/2020

An Australian woman has shared an absolutely ingenious 'hack' for making your car smell amazing 24/7 - and the hack uses just two 'all natural' products.

Taking to the Facebook group Kmart Hacks & Decor, Sharon wrote how she simply placed  a few drops of her favourite fragrance oil onto a wooden peg and then attaches it to the air-conditioning vent of her car to create a beautiful aroma.

She writes: ‘Buy cheap wooden pegs. Add your favourite essential oils to it (oil will soak into the wood) and clip onto vents. Longer lasting smell in your car or home (clip onto AC) 😁’

Sharon goes on to warn that you shouldn’t put ‘too much’ oil on the peg as it may damage your car interior - and that a few drops are sufficient.

The hack saw many members prasie Sharon for her smart thinking.

This is one we may have to try!