Woman's thoughtful DIY gift goes unintentionally viral, & many women want one for themselves

Must See 05/02/2020

A woman's simple, yet very thoughtful, DIY gift has gone viral unintentionally - and for a good reason!

Kmart fan Emily was proud of how her little handmade gift turned out and decided to share it on the popular Facebook group kmart home decor & hacks Australia.

The gift was for her obstetrician, and was a beautiful 'pressed flower floral uterus' she created and framed in two Kmart frames.

Thousands of people in the Facebook group were in absolute awe of the DIY gift and many asked if she would make more to sell.

Writing above the images on the group, Emily wrote:  "I made this pressed flower floral uterus as a gift for my obstetrician today. Kmart frame X 2 🥰 (flowers microwave pressed then arranged between the two pieces of glass and clipped back into one frame)."

'Love your work!!! I want one. The dried flowers still look so colourful.' wrote one woman.

'I need this!' said another.