Ali shows off milk bottle hack that means no spillage

In the Kitchen

A woman has accidentally discovered a rather clever hack that she has labelled a lifesaver when it comes to breakfast time with her young kids!

As you know, the big 2L bottles of milk can be quite big and heavy for little people or those of us with minimal arm strength.

When the bottle is full, often the milk made for our muesli, coffee or cereal can also end up over the bench or table!

That problem may be a thing of the past after one mum shared a handy hack to make pouring milk a lot easier for your young ones or yourself.

Kate Anderson discovered the trick by chance, when she was washing up old bottles ready for recycling.

Distracted, she accidentally screwed the lid of a ketchup bottle on to a carton of milk and the eureka moment made her realise she might be able to save a lot of money and time spent crying over spilt milk.

She transferred the lid to a new bottle of milk in her fridge and found it was far easier to pour and 'so controlled'.

Credit: Facebook