Gym plants a tree every time you book a fitness class

Eco 17/02/2020

At the top of most people’s new year's resolution lists were to exercise more and to care for the environment, and one London gym has managed to tick them both off for people in one go. 

This London gym is attempting to offset the ecological impact of the fitness industry, vowing to plant a tree every time a member books a fitness class. So not only will members be improving their fitness levels if they hit the gym a few times a week, but they’ll also be doing good for the environment too!

For each class or session a client books at Rumble in London, a tree will be planted to help offset their carbon footprint. The gym includes other initiatives such as sustainably sourced products and no single-use plastic on site, to call itself a ‘gym with a conscience’. 

Not everyone is a gym bunny, and we don’t have this great idea over here in NZ just yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still help out the cause - Rumble will also be planting a tree for every follow they receive on Instagram. So go take a look and give them a follow if you’re so inclined!

The Dalston-based gym is London’s first carbon-neutral fitness studio, offering boxercise, HIIT, spinning, yoga, Cross Fit and climbing. The fitness space offers pay-as-you-go classes, memberships and personal training options, meaning that you can give their classes a try even just as a one-off - so you can give them a go if you happen to be over on that side of the world. 

Rumble Gym have planted a total of 2,764 trees from December to 31 January. The trees have been planted just across the ditch in Australia – in areas affected by the devastating bushfires.