The ultimate checklist for the 'conscious' shopper or those who want to be one

Eco 20/02/2020

There's no time like the present to shop a little smarter.

Not only can it be good for your bank balance, but it can also be very beneficial for our environment.

A magazine from years ago shared the 'Shop Smarter: Conscious-Shopping Checklist' and it is still very relevant to today.

See it below.

FQ's Conscious-Shopping Checklist

  • Do I love this? Do I need it? Do I own it already?
  • Is this fabrib eco-friendly or certified? What does the label say?
  • Who made this garment? If you're not sure - ask.
  • Am I proud to tell people where I purchased it?
  • Is the construction high-quality? Check the seams and feel the fabric.
  • Will this help me express my identity?
  • Can I effortlessly wear this piece with what I already own?
  • Is the fit perfect for me, or can I get it altered easily?
  • Will I wear this garment 50 or more times?
  • Does it require frequent washing or dry-cleaning?
  • Could I get the same item secondhand - or rent it?