The huge amount of interest you could earn if you win Wednesday's $42 million Lotto draw

Must See 24/02/2020

As Saturday's $35m Powerball failed to produce a winner, all eyes are on Wednesday's $42m draw: will one Kiwi be lucky enough to pocket the lot?

One thing is for certain, with an estimated annual income of over $800,000, the winner needn't feel obliged to drag themselves to work again. 

By putting $42m on term deposit, assuming an interest rate of three percent, the annual income would be $1,260,000.

Assuming the top tax rate of 33 percent on interest earnings, the winner could expect to receive a mind-boggling $844,000 in the hand - without having to get out of bed.

Dave Smith, an accountant, confirmed that there's no upfront tax payable on Lotto winnings, making a lotto win so much sweeter than if someone were paid a bonus.

"If the winnings were invested, tax of 33 percent would be payable on the interest earned, which is estimated at around $416,000," Smith confirmed.

Interest rate website,, shows term deposit rates for one-to-five years currently sit between 2.60 to 3.05 percent.

"With that amount of money, I'd suggest talking to the banks to see whether they will negotiate a higher rate," Smith added.

Considering the average Kiwi household income to June 2019 is $102,613*, the winner would earn over eight times' that.

Ticket sales for the $42m Powerball draw close at 7.30pm on Wednesday. 

*Statistics New Zealand household income to June 2019.