The heart-warming moment young boy in wheelchair sees model 'like him'

Must See 17/02/2020

A mother has shared the heart-warming moment her son "stopped dead in his tracks" when he saw a fellow child in a wheelchair on a Target advertisement.

Toddler Oliver Garza-Pena has a condition called caudal Regression Syndrome, which affects the development of his lower body. 

His mother Demi Garza-Pena documents his journey on Facebook page 'Ollie's World'. It was there she shared the beautiful moment Ollie was mesmerised by the ad with a model also in a wheelchair. 

"He just stared at it in awe! He recognised another boy like him, smiling and laughing on a display at Target," Garza-Pena wrote. 

"Oliver sees kids every day, but he never gets to see kids like him. There is a lot of focus on representing diversity, but representing people with disabilities is just as important."

The most has racked up over 48,000 likes and 33,000 shares, with many saying it was "awesome" to see the impact representation can have on children. 

"Yes! It makes a person using a wheelchair normal and part of our community," wrote one person. 

"The expression on your little man's face is priceless. Absolutely beautiful," wrote another. 

Even the mother of the child model in the ad saw the post, commenting that the picture had her "in tears". 

"Tell Ollie he can do anything he puts his mind to!" she wrote.