Survey shows a lot of people think Valentine’s Day is more exciting than Christmas

Must See 10/02/2020

Some of you may think that Valentine’s Day is a made up holiday, others may celebrate it but it’s definitely not one of the biggest holidays of the year. Over in the US though it’s a pretty big deal - over 80% of Americans get genuinely excited about Valentine’s Day, even more so than Christmas, according to a new survey. 

A poll of 2,000 Americans, conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Zulily, found that Valentine’s Day tops the charts of favourite holidays for Americans. 81% said they get excited about Feb. 14, while just 68% said they get excited about the more traditional holiday season.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t necessarily have to be reserved for romantic love though -  56% of those surveyed saw Valentine’s Day as a way to show everyone they love some appreciation, from friends to family to pets and everyone in between.

28% of people planned to celebrate this year with their fur baby and NOT a significant other, 51% planned on celebrating with their kids, and 59% planned on spending the day with their pals. 

How do people demonstrate their love and appreciation to their nearest and dearest though? 64% plan on buying gifts for all the people (and pets) they love, while a further 57% plan on cooking a special dinner. A third of those surveyed have even taken the day off from work to celebrate. 

“We see our millions of customers using gift-giving and shared experiences to connect with their modern 'chosen' family as a way to express their love, gratitude and appreciation this Valentine’s Day," said Claire Magruder of Zulily, an online store that collabed with the surveyors. "From crafting something homemade for your work family, getting dressed up for a special night out with your partner or friends, or choosing thoughtful personalized gifts, the holiday now encompasses more than just candy."

“Showing someone you care doesn’t need to blow your budget — for Valentine’s Day, it’s all about showing your loved ones you listen to them,” adds Magruder. “For example, if your partner hates to vacuum, delight them with a robot vacuum. If your bestie loves to entertain, then a new tablescape accessory may be the perfect gift,”

"I also love a handwritten note on a homemade card — it’s straight from the heart. What’s most important to remember, appreciation can take more forms than just flowers!”

No matter how they celebrate the day though, 69% agree: They say “I love you” more on Valentine’s Day than any other day of the year. 

Top 5 people to celebrate with:

  1. Significant other/partner: 63%

  2. Family: 61%

  3. Friends: 59%

  4. Kids: 51%

  5. A pet: 28%

Top 5 ways to celebrate:

  1. Buy gifts for people I love: 64%

  2. Go out to dinner: 57%

  3. Cook a special dinner: 57%

  4. Treat myself to some "me-time": 45%

  5. Send a card: 40%