Study discovers that bedroom floor has up to ten times more germs than toilet seat

Must See 12/02/2020

Sure you might vacuum your carpet whenever it starts to look a bit scruffy, but did you know that the carpet in your bedroom floor is actually up to ten times more filthier than your toilet seat?

Sofa and carpet specialist ScS discovered data that proved bedroom carpets can harbour around double the bacteria found in a living room, and ten times that of a gym floor.

In the survey, ScS discovered that office floors were the cleanest floors around.

Bedroom carpets were by far the dirtiest, with a combined bacteria and yeast level of 140 CFU per cm2 (colony forming units per cm2) uncovered within them, as well as heavy mould.

The cleanest surface swabbed was an office carpet, which contained less bacteria than a gym floor, toilet seat or living room carpet, possibly due to more regular professional cleaning.  

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