Puzzle lovers are obsessed with this table that doubles as puzzle storage

Must See 24/02/2020

There are a lot of pros to being an avid 'puzzler' or 'board gamer' - but one of the cons is definitely the risk that someone might come along and accidentally ruin your game!

Well one Reddit user has endeavoured to solve this issue by creating a dining table that also doubles as storage!

The table has a series of panels that can come on or off the top as you please, making keeping your puzzle or board game that little bit safer.

The online reaction to the person's creation was huge...

"This is awesome! Imagine being able to hide a Dungeons & Dragons map or poker table under there... so many possibilities!" one person gushed.

"Damn it! My wife is huge into puzzles and I showed her this. Guess what my next project is going to be?" wrote one distressed husband.

But someone did point out what might be seen as a fatal flaw - "Incredibly beautiful... But what happens when you spill something on the table?" - to which the creator simply replied "mayhem."