Purse lost six decades ago discovered and reunited with late owner's family

Must See 19/02/2020

It was 1957 when Patti lost her handbag at her high school.

She looked high and low, but ultimately never found it again. And neither did anyone else for more than 60 years. 

Until earlier this year when some students discovered the bag in between their lockers and the wall.

The handbag contained many things typical of a teen at the time - makeup, school supplies, calendars and even a select few family photos.

The high school where the bag was found posted the bag on social media, in hopes of the bag being reunited with it's original owner and it pretty much worked.

While Patti had passed away, thanks to the help of social media they were able to reunite the handbag with Patti's family.

According to the school, Patti's five children all got together and went through the contents of the purse.