The internet is divided over whether this bathmat is grey or purple

Must See 27/02/2020

The internet is divided over the colour of one woman's bathmats. After purchasing a 'grey' bath mat set, the woman turned to ask for help online after she noticed it actually kind of looked purple.

"Please help… I swear I purchased a light grey bath mat set... Got them home, put them in the main bathroom, still looking a lovely light grey."

"Tonight my husband comes in and says why do I have purple bath mats in my bathroom… Checked it out and the dam things are now purple!"

"I swear I purchase light grey bath mat set… So can anyone clarify if I’m completely crazy or these mats change colour in natural vs artificial light?!? P.S not happy with our definitely purple bath mats."

She then posted two photos of the mat in different lights, the response was huge...

"I see grey, no purple in sight." one person wrote.

"Bought the same ones and I swear they were grey and now look purple at home. Must be the lighting in store."

"I saw them in-store and thought they looked purple so I didn’t buy them as I wanted grey, I was disappointed."

The general consensus was that it all came down to the lighting in the room, which colours did you see first up?