People are loving this woman's simple and cheap hack for killing ants

Must See 05/02/2020

Summer time is great for warm weather - but the down side is that the heat tends to bring out ants...

If your place is getting overrun by ants - then this woman's viral hack might be of help!

"Ants have gone super crazy in the last 24 hours and I'm beyond over them..." the woman wrote on Facebook.

"I'm trying the borax and honey... They are definitely loving it."

Basically all the hack involves is mixing some borax with a little bit of honey and placing the mix in some milk bottle lids around the house. The ants are attracted to the honey and then the borax finishes them off.

"You can also do equal parts borax and white sugar. That way (especially outside) they walk all over it, ingest it, and then take it back inside their nest. It won't be as quick as ant sand, but it will be way more enduring. You'll notice a huge difference within about 3 days," she added.

Could be worth a shot if you're after a new way to get rid of ants!