Kelly Clarkson shares powerful self-love mantra for anyone who has been body-shamed

music news 24/02/2020

Being in the limelight has meant that Kelly Clarkson has had to deal with body-shamers a lot more than the average person. 

She has been known in the past to stand up to the trolls who scroll through her social media calling her "fat", and now she is standing up for others who have been body-shamed.

Kelly's fellow television personality Valerie Bertinelli was branded "so chubby" by an Instagram troll.

"Wow. Someone is always there to remind me to tidy up my negative thoughts some more," Bertinelli wrote on Twitter in response to the body-shaming comment. "Thank you for reminding me I’m so much more than my body. Have a blessed day."

Clarkson was having none of that. The singer shared Bertinelli’s post, adding a self-love mantra of her own.

"True power is recognizing the projection of others negativity & punching it square n the face w/all the positive, remarkable, intelligent, beautiful light that seeps from ur pores. Pity people that speak ill of others because while some of us r dancing, the others r too afraid." Kelly wrote on her Twitter.

Love that view on it. If only the internet trolls would get the message.