Handy gardeners are recycling their old milk bottles to become epic plant hangers

Eco 27/02/2020

Handy gardeners are doing their bit for the planet by recycling their old used milk bottles - and the results are pretty stunning!

Basically, one people are finishing their 1 or 2 litre plastic bottles of milk, they are getting creative and turning them into gorgeous and unique plant hangers.

The results are fabulous and funky - we are a little obsessed!

While the original Facebook post didn't share exact instructions on how to achieve the looks, many handy home-DIYers deciphered the instructions in the comment section of the post.

Rachel shared in the comment section that light-weight potting mix would be a must if you're creating these to hang. She then assumed that plants that don't need too much water (like a kind of succulent) would be a good option to plant.

A woman named Lea shared that she used her old laundry detergent bottles for the same effect.

"I put a piece of weed preventive cloth in the bottom, and you could use some styrofoam noodles instead of all soil to lighten the weight" she commented on the post.

Mary hilariously commented how they could look great nailed to a fence and then you wouldn't have to worry so much about the weight.

"However, you do not want to put them on top of fences or everyone will think Henry VIII lives there." she wrote.