Dog breaks incredible record by fitting six tennis balls in his mouth

Must See 13/02/2020

What an impressive talent!

Finley the Golden Retriver has just become one of the more famous Golden Retrivers in the world - all thanks to a pretty special party trick that has now won him a Guinness World Record!

The six year old pup has managed to squeeze six whole tennis balls into his mouth - and hold them there.

His owners revealed that it was a record he broke himself due to his love of tennis balls and his hate for having to share them (even for fetch).

To get the balls in his mouth, he scoops up four straight into his gob. He then uses his paws to push the fifth and sixth into place. That's right - all by himself!

The previous record was set by a dog called Augie in Dallas on 6 July 2003. He managed five tennis balls in his mouth at one time.