Adele causes people to double-take after sharing new photo of herself in stunning dress

music news 12/02/2020

Wow Adele!

One of our all time favourite singers was treating herself to a night out at Jay-Z and Beyonce's exclusive Oscars after-party when she caught up with Polish TV presenter Kinga Ruisin.

The pair snapped a picture together and later, Kinga posted it to her social media. 

The photo caused people to do a double take of who the television host was with - but it is confirmed it is Adele!

The host wrote:"At yesterday’s private party by Beyoncé and Jay-Z, I talked to Adele about … shoes (Adele in the photo after dropping probably 30kg!) …"

"I know that sounds surreal. But listen from the beginning … It started with a conversation with Adele about my high heels. Honestly, I didn’t recognise her because she is so thin now!"

Adele debuted her new figure on social media a few months ago, and fans noticed how she looked absolutely glowing and happy inside and out.

While we loved Adele before her weightloss, we still love her now. And as long as she is happy we're happy... and will be even happier when she releases brand new music!