A third of dog owners would choose their pet over their partner says study

Must See 24/02/2020

We all love our pets - but a recent study has found that for a large number of dog owners, we love them to the point that we'd ditch our partner for them!

"It’s no secret that we love their dogs, but we were surprised to find out just how far that love extended." the study said.

"Dog owners love nothing more than treating their pets, either with snacks or taking them somewhere they’ll love."

"Our research shows that for some couples, the four-legged friend can take the starring role in the relationship."

The results of the study showed that when push came to shove and the eternal question was asked - "it's me or the dog" - 1/3 people would choose the dog over their partner.

On the flip side 1/4 people said if their other half got too obsessed with the dog, they'd break up with them.

This certainly takes pet loving to a whole new level!