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6-year-old goes viral for writing brutal letter to his teacher after she punishes him
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6-year-old goes viral for writing brutal letter to his teacher after she punishes him

This kid has such a way with words!

Kids definitely have a way with words... But 6 year old Isaiah has taken things to a whole new level!

After getting punished for talking in class, Isaiah wrote a scolding letter to his teacher outlining how he really feels about her.

The note, which has since been shared on Twitter where its been liked and shared hundreds of thousands of times - mainly due to its scolding nature.

Here's the letter that Isaiah wrote to his teacher...

"Dear Ms Jones, 

I am angry of you because you took 25 of my humming bird bucks, all because I was talking to Conner.

That's no big deal, I'm only 6! I can't be quiet all the time. That makes you a theif, and a crook, and you are going to hell - real hell - the burning one because you a thief.

I worked hard for those bucks and my only prayer in chaple today was that god gets you to hell fast, super fast... And your new hair cut is bad, real bad.


The reaction online was mostly supportive of Isaiah!

"This teacher doesn’t understand how a reward system works. He earned his hummingbird bucks. You don’t get to take them away. If he’s misbehaving, he doesn’t earn more bucks. I agree with the kid. That is stealing." one wrote.

"I admire the way he approached his predicament." another added. "25 humming bird dollars is definitely way too much for talking to Conner! He’s displaying that he understands the act of compromise, and he probably doesn’t even know the word yet! He’s very observant, analytic and understanding."

Regardless of what you think of the letter, he's definitely well spoken for a 6 year old!