Young bride honours her late grandmother by wearing her wedding dress from 1956

Must See 28/01/2020

A young bride in the US has paid tribute to her late grandmother in the most gorgeous and unique way.

While most brides in 2020 tend to go for a more 'modern' style of wedding dress - whether that be a bohemian vibe, a fit and flare, a mermaid style etc), Christina new she wanted a dress that was just a little different from her peers and something that held a lot of sentimental value.

Hence her descion to wear her grandmother's wedding gown she wore 63 years prior.

Christina had seen the dress many times in her life as her grandmother's wedding photo always set proudly on the centre of the mantlepiece.

It only took a few altercations for the dress to becom a perfect fit for her perfect day.

What a beautiful, timeless dress!