You can now get handwritten family recipes into forever keepsakes

Must See 07/01/2020

While in this day and age the internet holds a whole treasure trove of new and exciting recipes, there is nothing quite like those handwritten recipes that have been passed down through generations.

Whether it be the pot roast, a simple nuts and bolts, a special salad dressing or the perfect chocolate chip bikkies, now you can get them turned from a straggly bit of paper to a forever keepsake.

Artists have found beautiful ways to preserve those handwritten recipes by incorporating them into customized kitchen items that share a bit of family history while also being functional.

For example, at the Etsy shop LaserFocusedCrafts, you can upload a family recipe and the artist will create a personalized engraved cutting board with the recipe custom-printed on it. Get your text laser-engraved on a bamboo board or cherry paddle for $30 and up.

You can custom print your family recipes on tea towels at Etsy shops like Nestingproject and EmmaAndTheBeanHOME

How special and cool!