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Woman who died just days after giving birth praised as she becomes 1 in a million donor
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Woman who died just days after giving birth praised as she becomes 1 in a million donor

What an incredible final act of kindness.

A mum of four who sadly passed away just days after giving birth to her youngest has been labelled 'one in a million' thanks to her healthy organs.

After giving birth, the woman named Kathleen suffered an intracerebral hemorrhage and was rushed to hospital. After several surgeries she continued to deteriorate until there was nothing doctors to do anymore.

In keeping with Kathleen’s final wishes, doctors were able to donate 12 of her organs to patients awaiting transplants. This donation included her heart and lungs. The chances that a person is qualified as a viable donor for all organs is less than one in a million.

A creator of a GoFundMe page to support the husband and four kids Kathleen left behind, wrote about her final act of kindness on the donation page.

As you know, Kathleen’s death has been tremendously difficult for everybody close to her, no one more so than for her wonderful husband Jesse. Despite all the sorrow and pain we have been experiencing as a result of this tragedy, we have also noticed a softening force throughout.

Kathleen was at her center a woman who rejoiced in all things cheerful and bright. We have been determined to keep this campaign focused on good feelings. Your comments and donations have brought joyful and grateful tears to our eyes so many times over this past 48 hours. Thank you.

We have received news that in accordance with her wishes Kathleen has qualified as a viable donor for all of her organs. The nurse told Jesse the chances that someone is a candidate of this magnitude is less than 1 in a million. But anyone who knew Kathleen already knew that.

We are so pleased to announce that Kathleen will be able to provide the prayed for miracle for nearly a dozen individuals who are waiting anxiously for an organ donation.