Woman shares honest 'decade in review' in a bid to help other women who are struggling

Must See 08/01/2020

A US mother has posted an unedited 'decade in review' on social media to prove just how much we only see the highlight reels of other people's lives 

Christina Fattore, a lecturer in political science in West Virginia, originally posted on Twitter with the kind of decade wrap you've probably seen floating around your social media. 

"My decade in review," she headlined the list, noting the various achievements of getting engaged and then married, having two children, buying a house. 

But then Fartore followed it up with a series of tweets she called her "unedited decade in review". 

It included some of the original achievements, but also had a set of less glamorous life moments. 

"Had surgery to better my chances of getting pregnant, had a c-section, dealt with crippling [post-partum depression] she noted. 

"Bought a house, almost didn't get tenure, cried for a whole semester du to house and tenure shit."

Fattore also wrote that she had several surgeries due to crippling endometriosis, and ended up having a hysterectomy. 

"I'm sharing this because you never know what others are going through," she explained. 

"I get sad when I hear people comparing themselves to others. Some years/decades are better than others. Be kind to yourself and empathetic to others. Happy 2020, folks" she finished the series of tweets. 

The thread has racked up almost 30,000 likes and 10,000 shares from followers relieved to see a more realistic decade wrap. 

"Thank you for this 'between the lines' thread. I so value the vulnerability as I’m having a hard time with the accomplishment-listing going on right now," wrote one person. 

"Thank you for your decision to share so deeply. My journey has been similar; health challenges (cystic endosalpingiosis), career, and motherhood, and I’m inspired by your character and resilience," wrote another

This article originally appeared on Newshub.