Woman shares her hack on how she managed to cut her time doing laundry in half

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One time savvy mum has taken to the world wide web to share her number one hack when it comes to doing laundry - and it's a hack we're seriously going to try as it has halved the time it takes her to do laundry for her family each week!

The woman, named Leanne Neiland, shared her hack with Kidspot and revealed that while she loves cleaning, she despises doing the washing.


She simply cuts out the 'hanging the clothes out on the line' part of the laundry routine.

So, while she still has to empty the washing baskets into the machine and turn it on - and then once the washing machines cycle is done, she hangs everything except underwear straight onto hangers and puts them onto a clothing rack.

“My husband and I both have black, my son has a blue one and my daughter has pink,” she explained about the clothes rails.

If it’s winter she keeps the rail inside, but if it’s a sunny day Ms Neiland will wheel it outside.

Once dry, all she has to do is wheel the rail down her hallway and each family member can take their clothes off and put them straight in their wardrobes.

“The family gets involved because their clothes are physically there so it’s not always me having to, they can do it themselves,” Ms Neiland said.

Interesting right!? But we can see it working. Think you will give this one a go?