Woman quits her career to become full time party planner for dogs

Must See 28/01/2020

One lady has been called 'barking mad' for her new career choice!

After spending more than three decades in the events industry, working alongside some of the richest of the rich and helping them plan their high-flying international events, Niki decided it was time to give it all up.

Instead, she decided to switch up her role to become a fulltime party planner for dogs.

Niki, who was earning a six-figure salary, is a self-confessed animal lover and came up with the idea to be a party planner for pooches after a client asked her to host a party for 20 pampered pooches two years ago – and it was such a success and enormous fun, that she decided to do it full time.

Niki and her five-strong team have since hosted 30 exclusive parties for pampered pooches in the last 12 months - featuring themed decorations, dog-friendly drinks.

Just pawfect!