Woman creates chair-based workouts to help office workers & elderly get fit sitting down

health 22/01/2020

Keep fit while sitting down? How good!

A personal training from the UK has created an epic bunch of different workers to help her elderly clients keep fit while sitting in their chairs.

The workouts can also double as something office workers can do at their desk to keep on moving.

The personal trainer who specilises in low-impact workouts that are kind on older joints and work on balance, strength and stability.

The idea for seated workouts came after Emma was leading more intense senior sessions and she became frustrated by how many people had to leave the class or stop coming because of their limited mobility.

The workouts focus on movements that will build up muscle strength. Emma uses two different weighted dumbbells to work the upper body, plus a wrist loop band and handled resistance bands. Ankle weights and therapy bands strengthen and stretch the lower body muscles.

What a great idea!