Watching a movie at the cinema is as good for you as a light cardio workout, study finds

health 14/01/2020

If you're looking for an alternative way to get a bit of a workout in, then maybe you should look at heading to the movie theatre to watch a film!

Research by the experts at University College London has found going to the cinema could be as good for you as a light cardio workout. They conclude that it could provide a boost for your heart, and benefit memory and concentration.

The study found your heart rate increases as much as it would during light cardio for some 45 minutes in the cinema.

The body reacts and is stimulated as your brain becomes immersed in the movie and that long period of focus also has benefits for the mind, researchers said.

A trip to the movies could boost concentration and memory by focusing on one thing for so long instead of juggling multiples devices such as smartphones, tablets and television when watching a film at home.

Scientists noted that people in the cinema spent around 45 minutes in a ‘healthy heart zone’ with their heart beating at between 40 and 80 per cent of its maximum rate.

Which would have the same effect as a brisk walk or some gardening.

The hearts of people watching the film also appeared to synchronise and beat in unison, which could create a feeling of togetherness, the study added.

As well as physical benefits, the problem-solving skills used when trying to follow a plot are a good workout for the brain.

But unfortunately, watching a movie at home does not seem to have the same effect.