Thousands of Australian tradies sign up to help rebuild bushfire-affected towns

Must See 15/01/2020

Huge sums of money have been raised toward helping out the volunteer firefighters, wildlife and townships that have been affected by the horrendous Australian bushfires that have been burning for months now over the ditch.

And while the huge amont of donation, that big name celebrities like Elton John and Pink have contributed to, will be a big help - there has been a new campaign launched sourcing for people to donate their time.

Piers Smart started the Tradies for Fire Affected Communities group on Facebook at the start of the year and more than 9,000 people have signed up.

Tradies from virtually every background - whether they be builders, sparkies, plumbers, concreters, welders, arborists, brickies, stonemasons, cabinet makers, tilers and landscapers have all pledged their services.

Some are offering work for free and others are promising to do what they can during their time off to help bushfire-affected towns.

Piers Smart told the Australian Associated Press that he was nervous about launching the page because he was worried no one would sign up.

"But then a very popular Instagram page shared my initiative and it blew up," he said.

"Seeing more than 4000 tradies join was outstanding and really special."

Piers explained those behind the page are trying to coordinate everyone after getting a huge response on social media. There's a form you can fill in, which will give the administrators a chance to properly allocate all the resources.

You can select what trade you're proficient in, how far you're willing to travel, when you can volunteer and how many people you can bring.

But Piers insisted that they won't be starting work until the affected areas are safe, adding: "We don't want to be cowboys and get into people's ways or put our tradies in danger."

"There's going to be work to do for months, if not years. We want to be out there for the long term, not only while it's on the news and everyone is thinking about it."

It's not just tradies who are pledging their services on the Facebook site; there are hairdressers, cleaners and others who want to help everyone in the community.