The list of baby names declined in New Zealand in 2019 revealed

Must See 08/01/2020

You may think your new baby girl is a little princess, but that doesn't mean you can officially call her that.

Following the release of the country's most popular names, the list of names declined for babies in 2019 has been revealed, and royal titles make up most of them. 

According to Newshub, Department of Internal Affairs Registrar-General Jeff Montgomery says no names are banned in New Zealand, but names will be declined if there is a chance they will cause offence, are not a reasonable length or "unjustifiably resemble an official title or rank".

Among those topping the list of those not allowed in 2019 was King, Princess, Lady and Empress. Others declined include Ford-Royal, Gunner, Royall, Queenmerry and Syre.

List of declined baby names in 2019:

  • Crown
  • Empress
  • Ford-Royal
  • Gunner
  • Justice
  • Justyce
  • King
  • Kyng
  • Lady
  • Lord
  • Majesti
  • Major
  • Pope
  • Prince
  • Princess
  • Queenie
  • Queenmerry
  • Queeny
  • Rogue
  • Royal
  • Royale
  • Royall
  • Saint
  • Sur
  • Syre