The Chase's Bradley Walsh reveals he has broken his back in three places after nasty fall

Must See 17/01/2020


We're wishing the host of The Chase a very speedy recovery after he has revealed that he has his back broken in three places.

He broke it while filming his very own television show, Breaking Dad, after falling off of a bull.

Bradley promised fans his injuries are “not as bad as they sound” during an interview on breakfast TV show This Morning.

The 59-year-old said: "It sounds a bit more severe than it actually is. What happened was, I fell awkwardly, purely my own fault."

"My life’s ambition was to go on a rodeo and they [the show’s crew] always say to me, Barnes says to me, ‘What would you really like to do Dad?’ And I say, ‘I would love to do a rodeo,’ because I love cowboy films."

He laughed: "And then you have the chance to go in the novice class with all the kids and the girls and the mums and the dads, because it was a family day."

"And I was like, ‘Yeah I’ll have a go at that’. Then, unfortunately, I fell slightly wrong."

Following the fall, Bradley was taken to hospital where he discovered he’d broken his back in three places, including his transverse process L3, his transverse process L4 and his transverse process L5.

These attach muscles and ligaments of the back to the spine, which can be seen in Bradley’s X-ray.