Sylvester Stallone ditches the hair-dye and debuts his natural gray hair

Must See 31/01/2020

Sylvester Stallone is looking pretty good for 73!

The legendary actor has decided to ditch his signature dark hair for his natural grays - and fans are loving the change!

He debuted his new look on social media.

"“Keep punching my friends," he said in a five-second clip posted to both Instagram and Twitter, with his full head of silver hair and beard front and center, while sitting in the back seat of a car.

Alongside his uplifting video, the actor wrote, "Sometimes I wake up I feel like doing nothing. Just relaxing. Just very true. If anyone says different, they’re lying — it’s human nature."

He continued: "Then you roll over, get a little mad at yourself, and realize to get anywhere you’ve got to make a deposit in the GOAL BANK, #KeepPunching"