Psychic makes predictions for 2020 using asparagus

Must See 04/01/2020

A woman psychic who claims to be the world’s only fortune teller using asparagus has made her predictions on what will happen in the world in the next 12 months.

Some of the Asparagus’ predictions for 2020:

  • Global warming will start to be taken even more seriously. She predicts that more countries will take action to minimise the threat to the planet. Meanwhile, storms, typhoons, hurricanes and flooding will increase tenfold.
  • Brexit’s impact won’t be as bad as people think.
  • There will still be some turmoil within the Royal family. She’s also predicted more royal births but royal bereavements too.
  • Trump will win a second term. However, he’ll face impeachment again and this time it will be carried through.
  • A renowned showbiz personality will announce his retirement from public life

She has also said that the popularity of veganism peaked in 2019.

She claims the plant has told her that the craze surrounding the lifestyle of veganism will not grow in the next 12 months.