Photo of Queen with three heirs released to mark the new decade

royals 04/01/2020

Buckingham Palace has released an image of the Queen and her three male heirs to mark the new decade. 

In the portrait, the Queen poses with Princes Charles, William, and George who is now six years old.

Queen Elizabeth is pictured standing in a white dress holding a black handbag, Prince Charles stands on her right side wearing a blue pinstripe suit while the Duke of Cambridge, William, stands behind her wearing a black suit. His son Prince George, who is now six years old wears a prim white shirt.  

The portrait is the second time a picture of the Queen with the same three heirs has been released. The first celebrated the Queen’s 90th birthday and was released in April 2016. 

Social Media has reacted with an outburst of approval.

"Love this. This is going to be one of the most iconic pictures for the royal. HRH Queen Elizabeth and the future heirs to the throne," one person commented.

Another person said, "Wow, four generations. When’s the last time the monarch was a great-grandparent?"