Parents favour youngest child but grandparents prefer the eldest according to survey

Must See 16/01/2020

Over the last few years, several studies have found that parents sometimes do actually have a favourite child. And more often than not it seems to be the youngest.

According to a survey by parenting forum Mumsnet, almost a quarter of parents confessed that they have a favourite child – even though 55 per cent also said it was awful.

Out of the parents who did have a favourite, 56% said it was their youngest, with the most common reason being that the youngest reminded them of themselves.

If any eldest children are reading this and feeling a bit left out though, not to worry. Out of the grandparents surveyed in the same study, 42% admitted they have a favourite too – and 39% said it was the eldest.

No clear stats were given for where middle children sit in the favourability scale, but we think that’s for the best.

A little sibling rivalry is healthy, but we don’t want any kids flying into a jealous rage with the news, so maybe keep these findings away from your kids precious ears, and keep telling them that they’re all loved equally… even if it’s not quite true.