Incredible new photos show new-life sprouting Australia's fire-ravaged bush

Must See 10/01/2020

We have been watching the horrific Australian bush fires for months and finally international news and celebrities have been talking about it too to raise awareness.

An incredible amount of money has been raised to help those firefighters who have been working around the clock, the wildlife that has been rescued and those who have lost family members, homes and possessions.

And while the fires still blaze in parts of the country, some good news to come out of the disaster has emerged on social media and put a sprinkle of hope in the hearts of many.

New life is already beginning to grow in fire-ravaged Australian bush.

Vibrant green and pink sprouts have been captured pushing through the blackened grounds of bushfire-torn New South Wales.

The photos were taken by local photogapher Mary and have begun going viral online.