Hot Cross Buns make their appearance on supermarkets shelves and Kiwis are unsure

Food 07/01/2020

Do you think January is too soon for Hot Cross Buns to appear on supermarket shelves? Because supermarket chain Countdown doesn't believe so!

They have announced on social media that the yummy Easter snack will be returning to their stores this week.

Understandably, the announcement by Countdown made some Kiwis feel a little uneasy since it is only the first week back of the year, and we are still four months away from Easter.

"Countdown hotcross buns on the 6th January. Good joke. (If you are serious then you need to check your calendars, nowhere near Easter)" wrote one social media user.

"OMG this is absolutely rediculous. We gave just had Christmas. Bring them out a couple of weeks before Easter just like the old days. Next the Easter Eggs will be on the shelf ☹️" said another.

However many excited customers said that it could "never be too early" for hot cross buns.

"Exciting I love hot cross buns" said one happy Kiwi.

"I'll be down to buy some tomorrow. Need to sell them all year round."