Home cooks are loving cheap new product to hit local Kmart shelves

Must See 30/01/2020

When following a recipe, sometimes it can be rather annoying when you have to use a teaspoon of this, a table spoon of that, a pinch of this and a 3/4 teaspoon of that. 

Sure, measuring spoons are great but if you're just quickly whipping something up and don't have time to fish around in the kitchen draw for them, it can be quite the hassle!

The designers at Kmart probably had one too many run ins with their measuring spoons, as their newest product to hit the shelves seems to solve any issues with them and has created an epic measuring cup that is being praised by home chefs.

It's looks just like a shot glass but has measurements listed on the side for teaspoons, tablespoons and millilitres and ounces.

The best part is the clever utensil only costs a couple of dollars. So time to pass those annoying measuring spoons onto someone else and grab one of these instead.