Fans smother Pink in compliments after she shows-off new photos of her buzzcut

music news 20/01/2020

At the end of last year, not long after Pink announced she was taking a bit of a hiatus from music, she took to Instagram to jshow off her brand new hairdoo.

Saying goodbye to her signature rockstar, bleach blonde doo, she shaved her hair completely.

While she teased her new look on her Instagram, she never debuted the haircut fully until now.

And we have to say she looks stunning!

Fans were quick to shower Pink in compliments in the comment section of the post.

"Your shaved head is 🔥🔥" wrote one Instagram user.

"You can literally pull off ANY hairstyle! That's amazing ❤️👍😊" said another.

"You suit EVERY damn haircut haha!" wrote another.