Experts reveal there was a major clue about Meghan & Harry in Queen's Christmas speech

royals 10/01/2020

The recent announcement from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has caused controversy around the world and divided many people's opinions.

It seems no one can agree on whether their decision to leave the royal family is a good one or a bad one. But what most agree on is the devastating effects it will have on the Queen, who is now being distanced from one of her beloved grandchildren.

Although royal fans are still reeling over the announcement, and will be for a while, royal experts have revealed that there was a major clue on the Sussex's descion in the Queen's annual Christmas speech.

The snap of the monarch, taken in the Queen’s Green Drawing Room and shared to Twitter at the time, is raising eyebrows over a glaringly obvious omission.

Visible is a large desk with several family photographs arranged to be in full view of the camera.

While we see the Cambridge's Christmas snap, Prince Phillip, Charles and Camilla abd a black and white photo of the Queen's father, we don't see any sign of Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and little Archie.

People speculated on whether the Queen was actually dropping a huge hint, despite reports Harry and Meghan 'didn't consult any royals' about their decision to quit.

“So that's why the queen didn't have a photo of Harry, Meghan and their son next to her in her Christmas photo,” was one comment.

“The Queen tried to tell you about Harry and Meghan stepping back at Christmas. No photo of them during her speech. The clues were right there,” another person added.

Harry and Meghan were included in pictures decorating the desk in 2018, and are in fact the only faces that have been axed from the previous year’s line up, which included the family shot of the Queen with Charles and his two son’s and respective family members.