Designer transforms Volkswagen Beetles into adorable minibikes

Must See 23/01/2020

The saying is often true - one man's trash is another man's treasure! 

And designer Brent Walter definitely agrees. 

The man defines himself on his Instagram page @walter_werks as a “maker and builder of a variety of things.” And one of the things he has recently made and built has caught the eye of many online.

Brent created two minibikes using the fenders from two old Volkswagen beetles and scooters. Voila: a new mode of transportation has been created using recycled parts that’s both adorable, fun, and anyone (kids and adults alike) would have fun riding on.

While Brent has only completed two minibikes so far, he started documenting the process on his Instagram when he began just about a year ago. He started building the contraptions in his garage, documenting each stage in the process as he went. Today, his page has grown to nearly 30,000 followers since.

Brent recently shared the final product, which he deemed the “Volkspods,” and his followers can’t seem to get enough of them.