Danish pizzeria split foodies over controversial kiwifruit pizza

Food 13/01/2020

First, there was pineapple on pizza, now there's kiwifruit on pizza?

A photo of a "kiwi pizza" uploaded to website Reddit has divided the pizza-loving masses, with some calling it the 'unholy abomination'.

The pizza originated from a Danish pizzeria, which was also topped with slicings of ham and a covering of cheese.

While some are saying that the thought of kiwifruit pizza is a "sick" and "mouldy" looking combination, others have said they'd be curious enough to taste it.

"I mean, this particular pizza looks bad, but I kinda want to try the combo..." said one Redditor.

"If pineapple goes great on a pizza [in my honest opinion] then I would not mind tasting pizza with kiwi[fruit]. I would not mind at all," said another.

Hawaiian pizza has long divided foodies, however, it's not the most controversial topping to have existed in recent years. 

Remember when spaghetti pizza made headlines across the world?