Classmates give boy standing ovation as he comes back to school after beating cancer

Must See 14/01/2020

An emotional video has surfaced on the Facebook group Help John Oliver FIGHT Leukemia.

The video shows young John as he reenters school for the first time since beating his Leukemia.

John Oliver, also known as JO, has battled Leukemia for the past three years and endured his last round of chemotherapy two days after Christmas.

After the school holidays finished (US), JO returned to school and recieved a heart-warming welcome back from his friends who missed him so much.

In a poignant Facebook post, JO's mum Megan wrote: "Thank you all of those for liking and sharing, and the sweet comments on JO's story and Journey."

"It is one filled with great heartache and emotions, but also love, courage, and hope. Please, in honor of JO, continue to pray for and support those still fighting the battle of cancer, and especially pray for those who have lost a loved one."

"As we celebrate JO's last chemo treatment we are filled with much joy, but we recognise we are not out of the woods yet, and will continue to pray for him."