Australian Bush-fire Crisis: How you can help those in need

Must See 06/01/2020

It's absolutely gut-wrenching watching the terrifying and disastrous bushfires wreck havoc through the country of our neighbours, Australia.

Over 5 million hectares of land has burned, an estimated 500 million animals have died, far too many human lives have been lost and an unfortunately large number of homes and properties have been burned to a crisp across the country.

While hundreds of brave firefighters work tirelessly around the clock to try and save more human lives from being lost, more wildlife from being wiped out and homes and possessions from being destroyed, there are ways that you can help from here in New Zealand.

Here's how you can donate to the Australian Bush-fire Crisis:

Emergency Assistance:

Australian Red Cross -

To support the volunteer firefighters:

NSW Rural Fire Service -

To help the wildlife rescue effort:

WIRES Wildlife Rescue -

People from all around the world have taken to social media to spread awareness: