Antiques Roadshow expert shocked after learning the '200 year old port' he drank wasn't port

Must See 22/01/2020

In a shocking twist of unfortunate fate, an expert from Antiques Roadshow has learned that that '200 year old port' he drank on the show wasn't actually port.

In fact it was a mixture of pins, a small crustacean, and human urine.

But how did he end up drinking such a horrific concotion?

The bottle was discovered after being dug up from under the threshold of a house in Cornwall.

When an Antiques Roadshow visitor presented the bottle to the glass specialist, he asked what the age of the bottle was and just what the liquid inside it was.

The expert revealed that old bottles aren't that uncommon, but finding old bottles with liquid perserved inside was much, much rarer and after estimating that the bottle was from the early 1800's, he decided he wanted to try a sample of the liquid from that century.

Using a syringe to extract the bottle’s contents, he fired the liquid into a beaker, where it displayed its colouration.

He instantly noticed that the liquid was "very brown" before he dipped his finger into the liquid and gave it a taste.

He gave his verdict as either "port or red wine" and then joked that it could have also been rusty old nails due to the taste.

It wasn't until three years later on an Antiques Roadshow spinoff show that the real contents of the bottle were revealed.

The liquid in the bottle was x-rayed, poured and tested before the conculsion was reached that in the bottle was brass pins from the 1840s - but the liquid itself was urine.

When the expert was told the news he simply replied "yummy".

Also in the 'cocktail' was a tiny bit of alcohol, a human hair, and an ostracod, which Fiona described as a “little cockle.”

This concoction was a witches’ brew, designed to ward off witchcraft and hexes.