Airbnb host leaves bizarre handwritten note for guest that has divided the internet

Must See 17/01/2020

A young man has been left embarrassed and confused by a handwritten note written to him by his Airbnb host.

The notepointed out that he possessed 'strong body odour' and stated they might report him for his poor hygiene.

The note, which has since gone viral on Reddit, came after the man used the accommodation rental service for the first time while on a trip to New York, staying at the home of a 24-year-old woman named Clara.

The letter, which had been slipped under his door following his first night stay, read:

“Hi, this might be your first time doing Airbnb so you should understand a few standard etiquettes. Airbnb is hosting so it is very different from a hotel or motel. You need to keep the room clean and free of odour because you are staying in someone else’s room.

"After your flight, you had a strong odour yet you didn’t take a shower before going to bed. As the owner of the room, the bed and the sheets, I am extremely displeased with this fact. You didn’t respect the cleanliness of my room.

"Please keep this in mind during your stay. I might have to report to Airbnb if you fail to keep up with the personal hygiene and lower the quality of my room. Best.”

The man revealed that he is naturally a 'shower in the morning' person and was absolutely knackered when he arrived straight off of his flight late at night.

He also pointed out that he feels she shouldn't be a Airbnb host if she can't deal with other 'people's funk'.

He explained he hadn't been able to stop thinking about the note since he received it, so thought he'd share it with the internet.

The note has since gone viral with many commenting with their support, suggesting that Jack report Cara to Airbnb.

"Eww, assuming you didn’t reek of something awful, this is a huge no go for AirBnb," wrote a commenter.

"You’d be well within your rights to say something to the company about the host making you feel uncomfortable."

"This is so unbelievably out of line. Like you said, if she doesn't want the funk of others, she should either not rent out her room or have alternate sheets," added another.

"I mean, what if a couple is in there hooking up? Is she going to dictate terms on that? She seems to want the income from hosting but at zero cost to her."