A Titanic II is being built to journey across the Atlantic by 2022

Must See 15/01/2020

Looks like your dreams of sailing on the Titanic could come true... Well if you have ever dreamed of traveling on the Titanic and making it home safely.

Back in 2012, Blue Star Line, an Australian shipping company, said it was building Titanic II, a nearly exact replica of the RMS Titanic.

However, due to financial troubles, building plans were stalled. But now it has been announced that the plans are back in action and a new ship due to undergo its maiden voyage in 2022.

The new ship is being built in China, instead of Belfast like its predecessor and is rumoured to be costing over NZD$900,000,000 and will host 2000 passengers and around 900 crew members.

The big difference between Titanic II and the original? Lifeboats. There will be enough lifeboats to house every single person on the ship.

The ship will also be kitted out with modern technology that should pick up any iceburgs in its path.