91 year-old's fitness journey is inspiring gym goers all over the world

Must See 23/01/2020

Lloyd Black is a 91 year-old from the USA who has gone viral online after being named Anytime Fitness' gym goer of the month.

The 91 year old has been working hard on his fitness over the past year and is pleased to be seeing results!

"Mr. Black became a part of our Anytime family 1 year ago and we have seen nothing but motivation and inspiration from him since he started." the gym wrote on their Facebook page.

"He says he is 91 years young and brags about how much his workout routine has helped him in his daily routines."

The gym went on to say how Mr Black's routine has inspired loads of people to stick with their own fitness plans.

"Seeing him in the gym 3 times a week working out in his overalls brightens our day and we hope to have him many more years to come! — feeling proud."

In a brief questionaire from the gym, Mr Black said he started the gym as some everyday tasks were becoming harder and harder to complete. One year on an he can complete these tasks with ease!

When asked what advice he'd give other potential gym goers, he said "go ahead, get started."

What an amazing story, if you needed some fitness inspiration - hopefully this does the trick!