5-year-old helps kids in need by asking for bedding donations as his birthday gift

Must See 22/01/2020

One young boy is proving he has a massive heart after he requested bedding donations instead of toys and games for his 5th birthday.

The little boy was just 4 when he discovered a local charity in his city which helped build, assemble and deliver bunk beds to children and family's in need.

He was surprised by the fact that many people didn't have beds, or enough beds for their whole family and set out to make it his mission to help the charity.

Guests to the boy's birthday party followed his selfless request by showing up to his celebration with bags of bedding sets, blankets, pillows, and sheets. The young boy even used the money he received from two partygoers to buy more bedding.

To this date he has proudly donated 125 pieces of bedding to the charity and his parents couldn't be more proud of the boy they raised.