'Valentine's Day' trees are the latest trend for those too lazy to take their Xmas trees down

Must See 16/01/2020

While putting up the Christmas tree can be a super fun and exciting activity before Christmas, taking the tree down and putting it away is a whole other story (even for Grinches who look forward to Christmas being over!)

If you're one of those people who dread taking the tree down, then you may love the latest trend created by people just like you.

The trend is called 'Valentine's Day' trees and basically it's a great excuse to leave your Christmas tree up until after the 14th of February.

All you have to do is swap a few Christmas decorations to cardboard hearts and wallah! You have a gorgeous Valentine's Day tree.

The loved-up home decor trend is sweeping Instagram. Decorators are swapping their Christmas ornaments for bows, ribbons, and simply anything that says 'love', sometimes literally.

If you want to give Cupid a run for his money, you can take it one step further by investing in a pink tree. White trees also work well with the pink and red colour scheme.